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PAMP immunotherapy

Cancer fever therapy is more than 150 years old. This treatment, without doubt, resulted in many extraordinary healings of late-stage, inoperable cancers "which would be difficult to achieve today" (Mantovani, Nature, 2008).  On the molecular level, remissions were not understood for a long time. Fever therapy fell out of favour with the invention of radiation and chemotherapy. 

We suggest a modernized form of the old fever therapy called PAMP-immunotherapy, where we consider modern cancer immunology. Molecular explanation for the old successes presumably were PAMP-substances, which were unknown in Coleys time. Today we know that PAMP act synergistically (mutually amplifying), which we can take advantage of to improve the old treatments.

In most cancer patients an immunological reaction against cancer cells occurs naturally. The common view that cancer cells are invisible for the human immune system is clearly wrong. Yet, in almost all cases this reaction is too weak. PAMP can amplify the existing immune reaction.

 (C) Uwe Hobohm